What makes this study unique?


Dr. Enrique Grande, the main researchers of the study, explains it as follows:
“The team of the project believes in personalized medicine and, if the algorithm that has been designed provides the expected results, it would identify some patients that could be more likely to better respond to each type of treatment when personalized”:

A total of 2,000 patients with metastatic tumors will be part of the DIPCAN study. The study is based on the digitalization and management of personalized medicine in cancer cases. This study aims to take a step further in personalized medicine thanks to the integration of clinical, genomic, anatomopathological and radiomic data. The project aims to identify certain patients who could be more likely to better respond to treatment.

One of the objectives of DIPCAN project is to develop an algorithm based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods. Therefore, an interdisciplinary and coordinated action together with a joint analysis will be carried out. This knowledge would allow the development of health strategies to prevent, initially diagnose and treat the most prevalent tumors in the population in a more cost-effective way.

Dr. Enrique Grande, one of the main researchers of the project who is also the Head of the Medical Oncology Service at MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid and Head of the Clinical Research at MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid Foundation claims that “digital transformation must reach the field of healthcare and what better field than oncology to lead this transition.”

The doctor insists that we must stop collecting how patient only based on free texts, “I believe the time has come to systematize the collection of this data in an intuitive, agile way that does not depend so much on the subjectivity of the doctor collecting it, and that specially will allow us to analyze and interpret this data in the future”. There is no doubt that digital transformation is coming to the field of healthcare and that big data will help both clinicians and healthcare managers.

7 leading entities in Spain has joined forces to carry out this project. They have united with a common goal: to work on the medicine of the future.